Your Custom Report

A Complete, Easy to Understand Report.

Crown Home Inspections reports are organized in an easy to follow format. They’re broken down into logical sections that show you the condition of each area of your home and property. We provide plenty of notes so you’ll be able to remember the details long after the inspection is over. In the front, you’ll find a summary that lists Overall Condition, Items Not Operating, Major Concerns, Potential Safety Hazards, Deferred Cost Items, and Utility Shut-Off Locations. It’s an easy to follow quick reference.


Reports Delivered Immediately!

Unlike many inspection companies that want to email you the report at a later time, or make you wait until the next day, our inspection reports are completed as the inspection progresses, color pictures are added, and printed at the end of the inspection. Reports are professionally bound on-site, in a nice, easy-to-use book.


A Document You’ll Keep and Use.

You’re actually purchasing information and expertise from Crown Home Inspections. You should be able to reference that information at anytime and know it will be in good condition. You’ll be pleased to find the report filled with detail and professionalism and delighted to find it easy to follow and understand.