Termite Inspections

Termites and other wood-damaging bugs such as carpenter ants and carpenter bees, can cause major damage to a home. Termites tend to swarm in the late spring through the fall will find any tiny opening in the home to enter and start building their colony. They only need a space 1/32 inches wide to enter, so even the smallest crack can be an issue.


There are four main ways termites tend to enter a building:

Inside the holes of hollow block walls

Crawl up the side of foundations walls and supports

Through openings in expansion joints

Through cracks in the foundation around plumbing

By identifying the weakness and vulnerable areas of your home, you might be able to make repairs, fill holes and prevent termites from entering your home in the first place.


If you are concerned that you may still have an infestation, here are signs our inspectors will look for when conducting a termite inspection:


May resemble sawdust or coffee grounds and can be found in mounds or trails.


Swarms of termites or carpenter bees can be found near windows, doors, piles of wood and mulch and tree stumps. After a swarm, you may see discarded wings.

Damaged Wood

Wood damaged by termites will often have a hollow sound and a honeycomb look to it inside. The material will probably crumble when you bump it or put pressure on it.

Earth Tubes

Worker termites create dirt-crusted tubes on walls, foundations, floors and support joists. They use these tubes to travel about and often give a wall a rippled appearance.

Live Termites

Termites are not easily spotted when they are not swarming as they tend to stay inside their colonies and tunnels but by looking inside walls and under materials we can find these destructive bugs. Reproductive kings and queens have wings and are black or brown while worker termites are white.

If you suspect your home has a potential termite problem, or you just want to insure that a new purchase is termite-free, Crown Home Inspections will conduct a thorough termite inspection, checking for potential infestations, damage and the areas of the home that need maintenance to prevent a future problem. You can save thousands of dollars in potential future remediation and repairs by having a termite inspection conducted today.